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Jul 1, 2020
Green Bay, WI
It's been a while since I've been checking out the forums. Life happens, i guess.

I started out in 2008 with an inherited a not running 106 with functioning mower, snow blower and tiller. A simple carb cleaning and rebuild kit and I was bit. Our first winter together I realized 1st gear was to fast to get the heavy snow out of the way. The next spring I mounted the tiller and had the same problem and burned up the clutch in the process. Got a creeper gear to solve the problem but never hooked up either of them again. The 106 belonged to my wife's grandfather and I thought it only right to return it back (close) to where he lived and cared for his CUB for almost 30 years. It has since been relegated to hauling firewood, pulling out small spruce stumps, and dragging fallen trees out of the Wisconsin north-woods.

My first big garden tractor is Simplicity 6517H (16hp Kohler twin) that I bought to do the heavy cutting up north before the 106 was returned to the family. The other 'up nort' mower is a free Sears Companion lawn tractor, re-powered with a 16hp briggs OHV single, I use when bagging is needed. I picked up a beat-up and barely running 127 about 10 years ago because I loved the older heavy duty Cubs. A pressure wash and carb rebuild and it was up to the north-woods to join the rest of the working tractors. The hydro was the most used and abused of all the other tractors because of the lack of emotional attachment AND it had lights. I did grow to love it (some) and dragged it home three years ago for a rebuild. It took 3 years but the new engine is in. (See 127 Vs Murphy post_.

The non-running toys started to pile up soon after I bought the 127. A 2014 e-bay scored an Original and 102 (with broken rods) and a 129 with no engine. A 'never seen on - gotta buy it" purchase of a General Mower Corporation 1959 Reel Rider is the next true restoration I have planned. all also hidden up north is an AMF rear engine rider in Harley orange, and a Cadet 85 stashed at my sons garage with the working IH attachments.

Gotta Go. We actually have live Baseball in Green Bay this summer.