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  1. jbratton

    IH vehicles

    Nice Scout Henry
  2. jbratton

    Single or Married.

    I’m married and have gotten: First a Scout II. Well, that led to a cub 147, well, then that led to a 1962 Original…well, then that led to a 1961 Original. No comment on how often I sleep on the couch.
  3. jbratton

    Lubricating Idler Pulleys

    Got my parts ordered. Hurry up and send my stuff Charlie, spring is coming…!!
  4. jbratton

    Lubricating Idler Pulleys

    Looking for a pulley part number and bolt sleeve part. I’ll do my research.
  5. jbratton

    Lubricating Idler Pulleys

    Look what just happened to me: Where can I find the parts I need?
  6. jbratton

    My Shop Build

    More pictures:
  7. jbratton

    My Shop Build

    Its been a long time coming. 18x40 shop. (Wanted 30x30 but the layout of the land and easement restrictions compromised that idea) Still waiting on a garage door and electrical work to be done. I did all the concrete work with the help of my buddies. Can’t wait to get my Scout in there and my...
  8. jbratton

    I'm ready for the SNOWpocalipse!!

    Thats awesome! Thanks for posting!
  9. jbratton

    I'm ready for the SNOWpocalipse!!

    Never sen a snow plow like that before. Does it have salt in the rear trailer?
  10. jbratton

    I'm ready for the SNOWpocalipse!!

    Nice unit. What size V8?
  11. jbratton

    Parts For Sale NOS IH Windbreaker

    I’m interested. I could use it for sure!!!
  12. jbratton

    More new stuff for the shop!

  13. jbratton

    My Cadets

    I like your IH truck you got. Is that a 200 series?
  14. jbratton

    Ohio seat

    You do awesome work!