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    Parts For Sale New Cub Cadet Diesel Muffler

    Not much time left to get the deal.
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    1811 stopped pulling

    Does the lift work? Sometimes the pin looks good but is not. Check it again.
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    Parts For Sale New Cub Cadet Diesel Muffler

    Thanksgiving and cyber Monday Sale. Sale has ended.
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    Tractor For Sale Super Cub 1782 Diesel

    They are in the first post. They might not show up on your phone.
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    Electric lawn tractors and compact tractors

    I think you are preaching to the Choir here. lol
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    New guy smell

    Welcome. What tractors do you own?
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    1864 progress

    The service manual says .011-.013. I have one of the long feeler gauges for .012.
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    Parts For Sale Kubota Muffler For Sale (Cub Cadet Diesel's)

    175.00 plus shipping. Shipping in the lower 48 states is 20.00-30.00.
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    2284 value

    What are you thinking on price?
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    Howdy from Colorado

    Welcome Matt.
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    1864 Deck Questions

    It will work. Get the mule drive too. Just as the info Lew gave you, there will some parts to change out. I would swap the pulley on the deck to the same size as the 54". You probably need a different belt as well. No sure, but you will probably have to modify the belt cover if it has one.
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    1864 Deck Questions

    Will a 48" work? I have one I will swap you.