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    CC 2130 SERIES 2000

    Depending on where your at, If its been cold and the cc is out side, it could be froze literally. There may be condensation in side that now ice. You car get on of the oil pan magnetic heaters and stick it on the bottom. Feel the side, to see how far the oil has heated. Takes a while, then...
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    Haban front blade - 982

    get up on the wrong side of bed or just don't feel good?
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    K model exhaust thread

    you can buy or even make a exhaust flapper for your stack
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    Merry Christmas From Kirk Engines, Inc.

    Now that's an old cub. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
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    What's wrong with the straps?
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    123 Help

    Sound's like a compression issue, Head gasket and / or valve problem
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    won't start - bypass solenoid? or safety?

    either use a battery pack or cables. Connect the + cable to the starter post, momentarily connect the - cable to a good ground. The starter should engage. If here's a clunk sound, either the starter or engine is siezed
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    2020 Blunier Plow Day - Roanoke, IL 61561 - October 24th -UPDATED

    Pretty cool. Set up a contest and get your field plowed
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    Cadplan loader for 1512

    Is there any twist to the frame with only one arm?
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    582 DEAD. Cannot get starter to turn.

    to check the starter, use a battery cable and connect directly to the starter, You should either get a loud clunk, if the starter or engine is locked. If there's nothing ground the neg post to the starter to see if there's a problem
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    She said something

    Look dangerous, mowing in bare feet. LOL
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    Pull behind lawn sweeper

    Tie a rope to the hopper and run it to your seat, Just pull to lift and dump it
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    Sand or soda blasting

    Ok, I guess I knew that, just wasn't thinking. How bid of an oven do you have to take a frame?
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    Sand or soda blasting

    Looks nice, How did you cure the coating?
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    2182 will not stay running

    Most likely the ignition switch. Make ignition contact on start, goes' open when released to run. If you have a a light position on the switch, after starting move the key past run to it.