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    Engaging deck causes engine to bog

    It’s not supposed to be a sprag :D but hopefully not too awful to swap out.
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    2018 Club Cadet XT2 46”

    Fuel injected or carb? Sounds like it has crap in the carb.
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    Engaging deck causes engine to bog

    Well there's no bearing on the engine, aside from the crank bearings and those certainly aren't seized. There should be an idler pulley that the vacuum actuator presses against the belt, but that locking up wouldn't stop the belts from spinning the deck. The most likely place is in the PTO...
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    Engaging deck causes engine to bog

    Boy that sure seems ok to me. That's a 44" deck for sure. How easily does the PTO Idler on the tensioner spin? And how easy does the PTO shaft under the tractor spin? There's only the belt on the deck and the two belts that go from the engine to the jackshaft. It's odd to me that it just...
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    Engaging deck causes engine to bog

    You don't have to pull the deck off, just disconnect the PTO shaft to check, but if the problem is in the gearbox, you're going to be pulling the deck anyway. Did the shaft move when you spun the blades/belt? I'm kinda curious what could have seized up in there if that's what the problem is.
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    Kohler 7 hp 161 rebuild kit

    Personally, if I wasn't going OEM/NOS, I would get a kit from iSaveTractors. He manufactures (or has manufactured) all his stuff and it's good quality aftermarket and he'll stand behind it. Amazon is hit and miss, but that's just me personally. I've bought pistons and rings and rods from him...
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    Kohler 7 hp 161 rebuild kit

    Kohler doesn't really support those engines directly anymore, so you'll have to piece together a kit from NOS parts. I'm sure Charlie has most of that stuff, or you can scrounge around e-bay.
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    1782 need advise

    That looks like a big cap on the tank so probably a 6" pulley, so you're gonna likely need a late Haban 60" or a 46/48/54 GT deck unless you want to hunt down a smaller pulley for either the deck or the PTO, or risk running a 44/50C at 50% overspeed. Very much depends on location and condition...
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    Electric clutch engagement

    Might be time to get a new clutch if the air gap is adjusted properly.
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    Engaging deck causes engine to bog

    Does everything turn freely when you turn the shaft by hand? Is everything ok if you engage it with the PTO shaft disconnected? I'd lean towards it being a gearbox problem with the deck, though, if it just simply locked up. That machine should have enough juice to smoke the deck belt if it was...
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    2084: Options for catching grass?

    Your options are to rig up something, or something like a trac vac or lawn sweeper, or as Matt says, step down to a 46" GT deck and find the bagger setup for it. It's probably honestly easier and cheaper to get a different machine if you want to bag. I know that sounds drastic, but that's...
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    Haban front blade - 982

    Just the usual stuff. Replaced the scraper, chute and shows this year and previously replaced the idler pulleys on it. Over centered the lift rod and bent it, so heated that up and straightened it this year too. Nothing too serious. Go through a shear pin or two every year. 451 and 450 are...
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    Haban front blade - 982

    Would sure be nice to have power steering, but a 450 on a 982 is a pretty formidable snow moving combo as long as you can get traction. Lift linkage sucks on it, and they weigh a ton, but aside from that, they will move the snow! Broke the sprocket drive chain on my 353 (3000 series blower)...
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    Haban front blade - 982

    Did it come with the drop brackets for the 982?
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    looking inside a hydro of 1420

    This one is what, 30 years old? And still kicking? I'm still of the opinion that the 2000 series, especially the HDS ones, (which I believe came out in 94?) was the death of the "real" GTs for Cub Cadet because, while they aren't as beefy as a real GT, they were more than tough enough for how...