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  1. dramsey

    Multiple Items

    Well that is a 3.5 hour drive, can I get more pics of it?
  2. dramsey

    Multiple Items

    I'd love to get that 857 but not sure how I would get it home. Where in Indiana?
  3. dramsey

    582 Special/ D.O.W

    I would fix her
  4. dramsey

    CH18S replacement engine off a 1864

    What model is the tractor? I find these options for the 18hp: M18S 24506 CUB CADET 1985 TRACTOR CUB CADET 1806, 1810, 1811, 1812, 1872 M18S 24551 CUB CADET 1986 TRACTOR CUB CADET M18S 24646 CUB CADET 1989 TRACTOR CUB CADET 1860, 1861, 1862, 1882 M18S 24647 CUB CADET 1989 TRACTOR CUB CADET 1541
  5. dramsey

    What have I got

    I am not 100% certain without seeing the Engine serial number but I believe the engine is 1976 or 77 based on the Spec number.
  6. dramsey


    I have had ignition coils cause this as well.
  7. dramsey

    Not a pretty sight!

    That's the ticket.
  8. dramsey

    Wanted: IH Cub Cadet Blade (42") parts

    Sorry, He took all of it.
  9. dramsey

    Model 70 Engine issue

    The black exhaust on starting with the choke is perfectly fine. So at what point do you see the backfire flame in the muffler? Your running issue really sounds like fuel starvation. IF I recall I believe the 70 has the glass fuel sediment bowl with a shut off valve. If you have the bowl check...
  10. dramsey

    Wanted: IH Cub Cadet Blade (42") parts

    I will do that but may have to wait until Tuesday, I have a guy that says he wants it all. If it doesn't work out I will let you know.
  11. dramsey

    Wanted: IH Cub Cadet Blade (42") parts

    I may have what you want but you are a ways away. All the parts are of a 1970 107 except the wide frame carriage:
  12. dramsey

    IH model 70 engine question

    I don't know if you figured this out but I have had exactly the same symptoms you described and it turn out to be the fuel pet cock was vibrating most of the way closed after a few minutes of running and starving it for fuel, unfortunately the engine ran so lean it seized.