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    Fluid level

    There’s a pipe plug in the back cover. Pull the plug and add fluid with a funnel until it flows out. Reinstall the plug.
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    Cub Cadet LT1050

    That’s part of the clutch. It should just slide off. Might be some corrosion holding it. The shaft is keyed. Maybe some light taps against the side of the pulley will knock it loose.
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    Tractor For Sale Cub Cadet 149 narrow frame $800

    A 149 is a wide frame. You need to list a location
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    Mower deck swap

    I believe the mules for the C decks are the same no matter the size. You will need 5/8 pulley on the A deck. Another problem may be the location of the front hangers. The C decks have all 3 hanger holes in them. They can be converted to A decks by moving one of the hangers to another hole. I...
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    122 Cub Replacement Clutch
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    Unexpectedly my son pased away.

    Sad news. Condolences.
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    44A Deck spindles

    The newer ones have a 3/8 square drive in the top of the screw to use an electric drill. Mine doesn’t have that. Could probably replace the screw with a newer model.
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    44A Deck spindles

    I have the hand crank one. I’m going to have to upgrade to the hydraulic one soon. Getting old.
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    44A Deck spindles

    My grass never dries out. I bought a MoJack and clean the deck every time I mow.
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    42 in deck

    Wrong tool. You want this one. Two threads will get you close.
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    Owner's manual for 1250? Where to get one?

    If you want a hard copy Binders Books has them.
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    Parts Wanted Model 70 original Magneto

    I believe in the tractor forum he said it was a pull start.
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    42 in deck

    It looks way too tall