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    Lug bolts

    Did you try Charlies supply depot? seems to have all sorts of neat stuff.
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    CATS Stray, Feral, Housebound, Declawed, and Otherwise

    Sorry to hear of BJs passing. It's a tough thing to do. I've left a vet's office more than once with tears in my eyes.
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    Trying something new....

    Well done sir!
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    Trying something new....

    Well done sir!
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    CLEAN Jokes

    Poor Frank !! The "fine print" is a bitch isn't it ???
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    Archive through December 23, 2017

    Charlie, you're not alone but I have to finish putting balls on the holiday(christmas) tree. Ho Ho Ho, bah hum bug !!!!
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    Gold Rush Alaska

    Hi Jerry. They want 5000 ounces of gold!! I think thats about $6.5 million bucks. Ah yes, more equipment...bigger equipment...gonna be awesome! Lets see if Tony Beets can get his new dredge dragged to where he needs it. Could be an interesting season.
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    Moving Forward

    Marlin, disappointed to hear of the split. Things happen in life that outsiders may not understand. Your post helps me understand statements I read on a separate Facebook cat site. Hope things can work out in some way.
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    Archive through August 25, 2017

    Gee wiz Charlie. With all that stuff you could probably start a business !!
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    Archive through July 10, 2017

    Hey guys, RE: Michael C with his s/g spinning. Wasnt this seen a couple times in past years and ended up being welded points in the regulator...???
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    Summer entertainment (for guys)

    Back again this summer is a favorite of people that like to watch stuff get destroyed! Battle Bots is back. Starts this Wednesday July 12 at 10pm on Science Channel. I guess check your local listing for proper times. Note: this is NOT syfy channel.
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    Trnasfer pump for gas cans

    OK Gerry, I'll stick my neck out on 2 items that may help. I do not know this company but they just sent a circular that has what you may want.
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    Cool video for all

    I know that more ships are wanted for the Navy, but gee wiz people, we cant afford something larger?
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    1450 charging system?

    Rich, are you sure you have a good ground every where?? When you read the output voltage, was that from the center pin and the rectifier housing or to tractor frame?
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    Sears going under

    Matt, wasn't Dr Oz selling a product for that problem years ago ??