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    Mower deck 38 inch and Kohler fuel tanks

    Sorry for the delay Craig. Not sure what the cost would be to ship.
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    Mower deck 38 inch and Kohler fuel tanks

    I have a vintage 38 inch deck in near perfect as new condition. Its time to pass it on to someone how will use it. Also have 2 fuel tanks. The larger one is from a Cadet, the smaller one not sure, both are rust free. $350 for the mower , $50 for the tanks
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    Mower deck 38 inch excellent condition

    I have a beautiful 38 inch deck which appears to have never seen a blade of grass. Would be perfect for some ones restoration. Let me know what you think $ 475
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    Hydrostatic Transmission Problems - Model 1811

    I was wondering how to post a listing for a 38 inch deck
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    The original Cub Cadet

    I've had a passion for these machines since I was a kid. As a result many have crossed my path at which point I still have one in the garage, just can't seem to part with it . I remember being asked what model the first one I recall there wasn't a model, just Cub Cadet.