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  1. RAllison

    Old school

  2. RAllison

    More new stuff for the shop!

    Dave you get her in and all hooked up?
  3. RAllison

    Old school

    What are they filled with I wonder?
  4. RAllison

    Old school

  5. RAllison

    Old school

    Any of you recognize what this is? I found a whole box of them,still with liquid,in the basement at my work.
  6. RAllison


    :ROFLMAO:yeah that's bigger than the cubs around here!
  7. RAllison

    Lubricating Idler Pulleys

    Oh they'll come fast...I'll vouch that!
  8. RAllison

    Lubricating Idler Pulleys

  9. RAllison

    Single or Married.

    I've found my married status greatly reduces my ability to access more cubs...sometimes even parts! I love the gal though! :cubwinker:
  10. RAllison

    New to cub cadet

    Welcome to the forum Scott,glad to have ya!
  11. RAllison

    I'm ready for the SNOWpocalipse!!

    That's that's a team!!!!
  12. RAllison

    Wheels up or down ?

    That's some great info Jay! I'll need a dozer to straighten out my terrain. :ROFLMAO:
  13. RAllison

    Wheels up or down ?

    There ain't a deck out there that's gonna do my lawn perfectly without scalping here and there! :groupwave:
  14. RAllison

    42 in deck

    Placed the order with CCSpecialties for my PTO parts this morning at9:22, at 10:23 I got an e-mail saying it was that's great service!!! :greenthumb:
  15. RAllison

    I'm ready for the SNOWpocalipse!!

    6'6"!?!? You fill up any tractor sir! :)