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    Model 100 drag link

    It probably hit a tree or something else that wouldn't move. Most of those bent rods can be straightened with no problems. A bit of heat at the bend may be in order, though.
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    1/2 scale Cub Cadet Original

    Cool! Not the same one. The one in these pictures look like they are on the way to being a fully functional model. The one I mentioned is more of just a showpiece, it has no functional engine or transmission, for instance. But it looks good, though.
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    1/2 scale Cub Cadet Original

    The post with the toy below got me thinking. There is a man showing a 1/2 scale model of a Cub Cadet Original around here at tractor shows. It is about the size of or slightly smaller than a pedal tractor. Is anyone making them? I have toyed with the idea of making a similar (But working)...
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    Papa's Original

    What I have done in the past to fix blown out sparkplug threads in one of those small Kohlers was to thread the hole to a slightly larger pipe thread, 3/8" pipe, I think, then drill and tap a 1/4 x 3/8 reducer bushing to M14 x 1.25 thread for the sparkplug and screw it in the hole. (You don't...
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    14hs 321a is to tight

    I think RayF is on the right track. You can reverse the cap on the rod. Then it will bind. There should be index marks on the rod and cap so they can be installed in the correct orientation and (Correct me if I am wrong) I am thinking you want the oil hole in the cap to be on the camshaft...
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    coil question and introduction

    The coils (The old ones at least) were filled with an oil. Probably a PCB type of oil. The oil helped conduct the heat from the windings to the canister or case the coil is in so it can cool. I had a coil 'pop' years ago on a tractor. I had shut the fuel off and was letting the engine run...
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    1000 Clutch Issue - shaft won't stop spinning

    I had the same problem with the last 70 and the last 100 I worked on. What was happening was those anti-rattle springs were making the drive plate cock and drag on the driven plates. Then the driven shaft and transmission starts spinning and you can't shift into gear without grinding. I...
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    Reflector refinish?

    I would try DOT 3 brake fluid. It will soften most paint to the point where you can rub it off. I have used it on car tail light lenses in the past and it didn't damage them. Then buff the lenses. It takes a while to work, which is what we want here. We don't want to damage the plastic.
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    100 exhaust

    Why not just use a 1" 45 degree street elbow and then a 3" or 4" pipe to get out from under the hood? Or use the 2 or 3" nipple, 45 degree elbow, and 2 or 3" nipple into the muffler like in balbrecht's picture above? The last 70/100 (said 70 on hood but 10 hp.) I bought had a muffler like...
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    10x6 Rims what tire size

    Can you give us a clue what you wanted to do with them? I mean, most Cub Cadets used 8" front rims and 12" rear rims. A 10" rim is a real curve ball. I do know some zero turns had 10" rear rims and I recall seeing 10" rims on a Toro Dingo skid steer. And there are probably some ATVs that use...
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    Cub 100 Engine

    I don't understand your comment about about 'the carb. . . wouldn't work for sure'. If its correct for that engine and runs o.k., it should be fine. There's also a chance that muffler would work if it clears under the hood. One of my 100s has the 'pepper pot' muffler coming out from under...
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    100 Battery box

    I knew I had seen that part that is used as the battery tray somewhere. It might help if you show Mark a picture of the part in it's correct location on a tractor. There are 2 ways to go if you want it near original. If you are pretty good with fabrication, you can probably make something...
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    Cub 73 ammeter

    I don't have a 73. One of my Originals has the ammeter in a bracket hanging off the dash directly behind the steering wheel.
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    482 Throttle link

    I have done that before. Just hold the carburetor throttle wide open and move the governor arm the same direction as far as it will go. this should cause the flyweights on the governor to retract. Measure between the holes while you hold it. It may help if the governor spring from the throttle...
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    I am thinking I have a 149 sitting here with some size of 'quiet-line' engine in it. (Blue with electric clutch and i was told it was from a Quiet Line when I got it.) I would have to look to be sure, but I don't think the QL muffler or heat shield is still on the engine. I also didn't get a...