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    CLEAN Jokes

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    My inheritance

    your second picture reminded me ..........
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    sharing a trick(?) to remove speed handle

    Hello Gary, New Years eve greeting all round !! Yes, please document ( Photos and text) your progress on fitting an electric PTO clutch, I see you fitted the large Starter/Generator pully at the back as it should be, so can this sequence of securing things to the front of the crank be nicely...
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    Devils night

    If you'd let him get to the doe first, you could claim "sustainable harvesting" ... just saying .....
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    IH chipper

    Hi Robert, can someone take and post a few pictures of what the cutting disk/blades look like please, I downloaded the "manual" from the CC manuals folder (very useful link that one) and it shows a series of hardened steel cutting blades/hammers. I think this looks like a project I could use...
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    Iron Gard Questions

    Looking at that image of the paint dribbles running down the outside of the can reminded me of a "life hack" to share.... take a strip ( or two one on top of each other) of wide 2" masking tape and on opening the tin of paint gently wipe to lip on the inside for about 1/3 the circumference...
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    Can someone explain the logic try to use the Manual link listed here. Want to see stuff on the 169

    Stephen, firstly welcome!! and you make a good point(s) I'm no newbie but I also get (awfully) confused.... which is not difficult. So Kraig's head was sore and he needed aspirin ... Now with some time having passed and I'm sure he feels much better and he, or others, may be able to help...
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    Papa's Original

    Thread the head for an oversize spark plug and get another 40 years life out of it, those oversize plugs are still around....!
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    Cub cadet 105

    In the video shared recently on12th May, Matt (Diesel Creek) used a self tapping or wood screw into the old leaking seal rubber part and a slide hammer extractor device to pluck out the old seals. Watch with interest (horror) esp. from about 17mins in and again esp at about the 33min mark My...
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    My 149 runs away into the woods!!!!

    Sorry from my side,... the "Dont" should have also been deleted along with other words deleted. Its the picture(s) that speak a thousand words and leaving out a title allows all sorts of imaginations to run away with the facts for a brief moment of hilarity with our yellow fever creations.
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    My 149 runs away into the woods!!!!

    Steven, Don't just post the picture with your best title, we will think up the most improbable title and see if you beat what Kraig's posted,..... I might add that his leads by a short (electrical) lead.... (sorry....... that was terrible) if the hat fits, wear it..... is my offer, handsome...
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    My 149 runs away into the woods!!!!

    second prize has a new new contender, Hand-standing CC tractors after being naughty at trade-school for telling stories about the mechanics while hiding behind their fenders Alternatively testing for drive line oil seal leaks voltage regulators would have suffered somewhat nonetheless...
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    My 149 runs away into the woods!!!!

    Welcome Marc! Now that pic is a keeper Marc and Kraig, It deserves special mention in the IH-CC annals of humorous pics. (thread to be assembled) My first attempt at a title would be: 2nd prize for using oversize weapons to create firewood in the woods. or Third prize in the spring...
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    New tractor

    Once the offer is accepted and the collection arranged we can then start a thread on "Barn finds or bust" or something suitably embracing. With a few pictures of before collection "as found" to entice.......Now its wait-n-see slowly,.... , dont want to spoil RidetJz 's thunder in any way, so big...
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    New tractor

    Kraig, its the hairstyle that dates, not the tractor........ but I must say you have the most amaising collection of stuff to brighten up the pages of this wonderful forum ... like the bonnet mounted radio with 8 transistors and 3 diodes......, what next... a coffee/soda/ beer cup holder ... is...