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    RIP Rush Limbaugh

    Another day of mourning for those of us who just saw our President unelected and now our voice of truth has been stilled. R.I.P. Rush. May some of the waves you made find you washed up on peaceful shores. :) (American Flag inserted here)..
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    123 Help

    Good battery! How's that head gasket?
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    123 Help

    Welcome, Sean. Hoping you get familiar with the history of the 123 - "The Tractor That Introduced the Hydrostatic Transmission to Cub Cadet". :)
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    A two-fer Look What Followed Me Home...

    They all have stories that come with them. No matter the cost, the stories are free! Thanks for this one, Scott! :)
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    New Old 104 Owner

    Welcome, Bill! No spark is such a typical problem. It's usually something simple A moderator may steer you to the "general forum" where I just read another post about the same problem. My biggest problem with the no spark situation has boiled down to corrosion on the points. Little buggers...
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    Two more headache

    Good catch, Kendal! We can but hope! :)
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    Cant Remove pto clutch

    Try this? They don't seem to stay in place long.
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    125 in Great Shape

    Feeling melancholy:
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    125 in Great Shape

    Those were the days, Kraig and Hydro. Seems hard to keep the enthusiasm going. The 149 that I'm using now came from a junk yard. Burns oil, but for what little use it's getting adding oil is easy. Even "tho it's not the Forum we were used to - what is? I find it still comfortable to check...
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    125 in Great Shape

    There's 2 ways that "this old Cub Cadet and Scrap Yard belong in the same sentence. "I took my old Cub Cadet to the Scrap Yard". I found my old Cub Cadet at the Scrap Yard". 1 makes you say "I wish I hadn't done that". The other makes you say "Wow! Look what I found at the Scrap Yard." That...
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    Decisions, Decisions

    Northern Maine. Portage Lake, to be exact. :)
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    Decisions, Decisions

    FWIW, I'd vote for the 125. Price may seem high (he'll come down if you don't show him this post). The rear lift is a plus that offsets the lack of a deck. The day of the 125 to mow with is in the rear view mirror. The day of the 125 as a worker may never go away. That said, how much do...
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    Cub Cadet 125's - the beginning of Perfection :)

    Hard to say, Kraig. The 149, for sure. She likes her oil, but for what use she gets I can keep oil in her. Used her to boost the Dodge Dakota yesterday to show her she's still useful. :) The 100 that Mike's and Sons, our dealer, gave me several years ago. The 1811. Maybe the last of the...