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    Cub Cadet LT1050

    A shive is a plug for a bung hole in a barrel , a sheave is what you are referring to .
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    Postal delivery problems

    First class Christmas Card delivery , sent 12/ 22 delivered 4/ 15 ( 50 miles ) . Birthday Card 6 days ( 20 miles) and there are more ( a stack ). The thing they have in common is they all have to go through the mail processing center in Sandston, VA.
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    the Safety gas cans, pain

    Digger Sorry for no thank you but a day or two after opening my package from CCS your vent showed up to the table. I did not know where it came from or what it was. Think my wife trashed it . Would have been nice to know what it was. But thanks anyway.
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    All Things Deer

    Lead poison will work.
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    44A Deck spindles

    Mower blades are tempered steel . Any welding on then will remove the temper thus softening the steel UNLESS you use a hard surfacing rod.
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    782D wiring harnesses

    Can Jeff Meisner be reached through any other means?
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    782D wiring harnesses

    I checked with Cub Cadet Specialties and they did not have one . I do not do business with politcally correct businesses ( Facebook).
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    782D wiring harnesses

    Does anyone know if a 782D wiring harness is available ?
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    Tecumseh hh 120

    The hh Tecumseh's that I have all have walbro carbs , have always had good service with Walbro .
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    Tecumseh hh 120

    I recently found one on the pallet in the box NEW. It has never had gas or oil ( other assembly oil ) in it !
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    Tecumseh hh 120

    Was a Tecumseh HH 120 ever used on a IH Cub Cadet ?
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    782d battery

    Positive was connected first . Will explore the switch. Thanks
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    782d battery

    I just replaced the battery in my 782D . Why was there electrical sparkes when connecting the negative cable to battery ?
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    782d power steering

    Is it possible to install?
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    782d power steering

    Was power steering ever available on a 782d ?