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    SB 9A followed me home

    A pic would help .
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    343 HEROS!

    DITTO !
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    782d production number

    How many 782D red units were made ?
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    Front wheel weights 8” for Cub Cadet 1450

    How much liquid will the tire hold ? 1 gallon maybe? That is a whopping 10lbs per tire . Seems not worth the effort .
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    Removing an early CC exhaust elbow?

    Next time try some Kroil oil , some call it Kano Kroil. First used it in an oil refinery breaking bolts subject to high heat and salt water. I find it superior to PB Blaster . Be very careful with heat , the block is cast iron and can crack with heat .
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    Portable generator input.

    Pictures of auto disconnect box that goes into meter box between meter and your breaker box . All circuits are hot up to the generator capacity . Small green light indicates on line , red light indicated on generator . This one is 10,000 watts . I know they made 20,000 watt auto disconnects.
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    Portable generator input.

    NO code inspector would approve this disaster looking for a place to happen . There are ways to do it right . I run a 50 amp supply to my connection ( 8-3 SO ) with a safe hookup . When I go out I will take pics .
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    6-12 tire blowout

    What did you expect ?
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    Unknown Cub Cadet With Problems

    Back in their day all IH tractor were wired positive ground and serial numbers started at 501 .
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    Whats the deal?

    During this period International Harvestor marked the last year production of all models with a black stripe . Therefore in International tractor circles the last year became known as a black stripe model .
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    RED CUBS ?

    YOU should have read the whole post , I said it started losing speed going up a grade . If I was going up a grade it had to be moving .
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    RED CUBS ?

    Yesterday my 782D started losing some speed going up a grade , any ideas why ?
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    Just moved

    Sorry , only worked there two years ( 2005 ? ) . I live just east of Richmond on a farm .
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    RED CUBS ?

    Have a 782d and I love it . Will be on it this afternoon .
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    Just moved

    Having worked there ( Micron ) what was your drawing card for Manassas ?