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    Mikes Very Own 169 Refurbish

    Yes they were and it still did it for ours anyway.
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    Mikes Very Own 169 Refurbish

    That is because of two things. First the cooler the air is the more dense it is which makes it harder to compress, and second motor oil gets thicker as well. Kohler wants the ACR to open the exhaust valve .031 to .042 they also say the tab can be bent only four times before it will break.
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    Mikes Very Own 169 Refurbish

    If your cub cadet cranks and then stops then the ACR isn't releasing enough compression. I was working on my cousin's 1450 and it would do the same thing. We were rebuilding the motor and found out the ACR tab was bent down further than the parts motor we have. We swapped the cams while we were...
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    UR or UL battery terminals

    Interstate batteries and everstart are both made by johnson controls.
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    K321 Laboring hard after warming up

    If changing the head doesn't fix the issue check camshaft\crankshaft end play, tight tolerances can cause similar symptoms. Hth
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    Archive through August 17, 2019

    Maybe it has a 1 inch thick steel plate as the trailer bed.
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    Archive through May 16, 2019

    How do you open the hood on that original?
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    Archive through May 16, 2019

    I am 90% sure that is a 3800 backhoe loader, 4100s have different fenders than that one has.
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    Archive through May 11, 2019

    Hey guys my cousin has a 1450 cub cadet that will idle but if you try to rev it up it just stumbles. We rebuilt the carb cleaned all the passages out of it we used wire, drill bits, carb cleaner, and compressed air. The coil was also changed and fuel is flowing nicely to the carb. What else...
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    Archive through April 30, 2019

    How far do you tighten down Charlie's new and improved isomounts? I thought i read about it before but can't find it now. Oh and thanks for the parts Charlie.
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    Why did cub cadet make a 1282?

    Okay, thanks that makes sense.
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    Archive through April 15, 2019

    Earl L I think the throttle cable from a 1486 IH could work they are pretty heavy duty. They have a L shaped end on one side and the other end is threaded for a ball joint.
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    Why did cub cadet make a 1282?

    Why did cub cadet make 1282s and the following k301 12hp models? Did they have a ton of extra motors left over? If not why didn't they power them with k321s or k341s?
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    Archive through April 26, 2018

    Patrick, I think you found the problem then as loose screws will cause the gasket to leak. Get a gasket kit for it and add or remove gaskets til you get between .003 to .020 crankshaft end play. It is also a good idea to change the seal while you have it apart. BTDT