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    Throttle linkage On my 1450

    Yeah that is the choke cable
  2. B

    Throttle linkage On my 1450

    #3 is the throttle it attachs to the spring the cable for the throttle on the dash attaches to #3 with a cable lug, the stop screw limits max rpm.
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    Ag tires for XT3 GSX

    I mean come on whose gonna put on all those weights and not drive it at least 10 feet.
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    Model 149 with a 44” mowing deck

    My 169 with the 44 inch deck has 23-10.50X12 and has 2 inches of clearance between the tire and the gauge wheel would a 26-12-12 be that much wider
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    2082 hydraulic lift problems.

    The steering and the lift run off the charge pump you probably need to adjust the relief valve pressure put a guage on it it's supposed to be around 900 psi. The implement relief valve is the tallest hex head plug on the top of the hydrostat it is in front of the two release valves. To increase...
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    Model 149 with a 44” mowing deck

    Do you have the short lift links on it or does it have the long ones. If you want a longer cut length you could get the taller supersteer axle off a later cyclops cub cadet and put 26-12x12s on the rear.
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    Ag tires for XT3 GSX

    Weight in a rear mounted box will give you more leverage making the front end lighter. While wheel weights added to the rear wheels will not affect the force on the front axle however no matter where you add weight to the tractor the driveline will feel a very similar load on it relative to the...
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    Add hydraulic lift to 1810?

    It is probably cheaper to find another one with hydraulic lift on it already than to add hydraulic lift to one that doesn't have it already on it. Unless you find a donor tractor with a blown engine for cheap.
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    124 Cub Cadet/ mower deck

    Tractor is 630lbs, deck probably adds maybe 100lbs.
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    44C Gator Blades

    If there was you hit one rock and the blade would explode, carbide is pretty brittle.
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    Differences between the 185 and 154

    The 184 and 185 both had 18hp, the 154 had 15hp.
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    Differences between the 185 and 154

    The 185 had a bigger carb usually a zenith and a bigger manifold they also had turning brakes and the clutch pedal was made of a casting instead of flat steel. The 154 had an IH carb and a manifold that was smaller. The 184 was just like the 185 except it was painted red had a 86 series grill...
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    Mikes Very Own 169 Refurbish

    Yes they were and it still did it for ours anyway.
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    Mikes Very Own 169 Refurbish

    That is because of two things. First the cooler the air is the more dense it is which makes it harder to compress, and second motor oil gets thicker as well. Kohler wants the ACR to open the exhaust valve .031 to .042 they also say the tab can be bent only four times before it will break.