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  1. B.E. Pauli

    Megmow blades

    Hello all! Finally got around to getting one of my 782s running again and want to upgrade the blades on my 44C deck. I tried to order the MegMow blades and the company only has a 44 inch deck with 2 spindles and not 3. Also required to list the OEM number. Anyone else using these blades? How...
  2. B.E. Pauli

    Geezers! Garage!

    BE Pauli
  3. B.E. Pauli

    Tractor Wanted 982 wanted

    Just checked and seen your mobile number. Will call you tomorrow afternoon for sure. Been busy moving snow and wrecked vehicles for 2 days. My number is 309-740-6206, for a heads up . And no, I am not spam, potential spam, or a Nigerian prince needing to stash cash in a bank account! Thank you...
  4. B.E. Pauli

    Tractor Wanted 982 wanted

    I thought there was a choice of 2 decks. A Haban and another. My mistake, I read it wrong. Yes I am interested for sure! Is the phone number the same? I would like to chat with you about it when you have time. Thank you!
  5. B.E. Pauli

    Tractor Wanted 982 wanted

    I am interested. What would it cost for the tractor and a deck? Thank you for the reply! I'm Brian
  6. B.E. Pauli

    Tractor Wanted 982 wanted

    Looking for a running 982 with a good mower deck. Would like to find with 60 inch deck and in running condition. Complete condition for both. Does not have to be original engine.
  7. B.E. Pauli

    Finally got the bug..

    Thank you for the compliment! My wife to be absolutely loves that tractor. I want to put ag tires all the way around but she isn't convinced. Maybe after wedding bells I can.... 😅
  8. B.E. Pauli

    Finally got the bug..

    Hello Cub enthusiasts! I've visited a few times and finally got a few of my own! And yes, I did join as a thank you for all the valuable information and the eye candy. Here's what I got so far...108, 129 and 782. 129 is my someday to be wife and will never mow with it. LoL 😆