Working on the 882 this weekend

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Oct 6, 2009
Ontario, Canada
Mike Patterson
Hi Joe, You are the person I was referring to in my post.

Do you have part# on your Odyssey battery And it’s CCA rating?

With my 782‘s Kubota 600cc diesel with the gear reduction starter and fresh 300 CCA battery was able to start when temp was in the teens. Now the battery is 3-4 years old need to boost now at these low temps. Only getting about 30 seconds of cranking at these temps.

By the way model Kubota did you install in your loader build?

Bob G
I've got a 662 Kubota from a G1700 garden tractor. It doesn't seem to have had a hard life other than sitting more than anything I think. Unfortunately the tractor doesn't seem like it was stored inside?? At least for part of its life. Just over 1100hrs is what is showing on the clock, assuming it is correct.