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Wheel weights

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Nov 12, 2001
Dennis Frisk
Rear wheel weights bolt on with two 1/2" carriage bolts, flat washers, and nuts, length varies depending on which size rear tire and wheel your mounting them on. The lengths are listed in the parts books by model and tire size.
I was a Sophmore in high school, had just got my license and drove over to my buddy's place and we went to a farm sale one Saturday. All kinds of goodies, a solid pair of weights, weighed around 42# according to the bathroom scale, but they were a pretty good deal, I forget if it was $5 or $5.50 for the pair. They had spent DECADES sitting in a hog house by the looks of the quarter inch thick layer of dust on them. But they cleaned up nice, so they have been on the 70 a couple years, maybe 10, and 41 years on the 72. They look exactly like the Deere weights, which means that Deere copied something as simple as a wheel weight.
I contemplated buying cast iron wheel weights from a foundry, have them make a cheap wood pattern, cast them and I'd pick them up, grind the casting flash myself and drill the mounting holes, cast gray iron machines like a "Rotten Banana" according to the owner of a great little machine shop I dealt with for years, I figured my drill press would punch the holes in pretty quick. I'd even figure in a coat of paint, 483 Yellow or 935 white. Weights were selling for $100/pair about that time, and I was getting REAL clost to that price.
My Buddy bought me a dozen MWSC 10# suitcase weights, think they were around $8/ each. They do hold the front of the 982 down well. I should make a weight bracket for the 72 someday.


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Sep 3, 2009
Reidsville, NC
Marty A. Gwin
Hello Mitchel, and welcome to the forum!
The four carriage bolts go through the square hole in the rim, and the nut goes in the round slot in the weight.
Dang, Dennis beat me. LOL
Why not four bolts?

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