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The New Look

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Apr 26, 2008
I like the new look of this forum. Also glad this forum is still active. I have been here since H.B. was supposed to get a T Shirt for the #1000 post. : ))


Keeper of the Photos
Staff member
Aug 4, 2006
Kraig McConaughey
I like the new look of this forum. Also glad this forum is still active. I have been here since H.B. was supposed to get a T Shirt for the #1000 post. : ))
Wow! And here's a snippet of that from my really old archives:

"Harry Bursell - 04:05pm Jul 31, 1998 EST (#996 of 1044)

Woodbury, CT <BR>

Well guys, looks like I'll miss out on no.1000. I'm going to a company picnic/ball game this evening and I'm sure the no. will roll. It's been great trying and if I don't get the T shirt or bus trip I don't know if I'll make it back. Bob - can you send me some 12oz tools to help my tears?

Harry <P>

Kevin - 06:15pm Jul 31, 1998 EST (#997 of 1044) <BR>

Chuck at 993, DON'T PART OUT THE ORIGIONAL!!!!!!!!! I would like to have it, but I have too many tractors now. Someone out there will certainly take it of your hands. Kevin <P>

Bob Necker - 06:33pm Jul 31, 1998 EST (#998 of 1044)<BR>

It looks like it will have to be a Tee shirt for #1000.

Be sure to give me your mailing address and pertinent info. A speech will be expected by the other forum visitors ! !

Thanks one and all for making this the greatest forum I've ever seen. Glad to have been a part of it.

Bob <P>

Brian Stimple - 06:51pm Jul 31, 1998 EST (#999 of 1044) <BR>

Well at least I get to be 999. Maybe this will bring a flood of new messages for everyone waiting to get 1000. What is the proper way to get deck spindles to take grease. The deck is on a 79 vintage 1450 and the spindle housings are cast not stamped steel. The discharge spindle takes grease but the left and center do not. All three spindles turn very nice and I want to keep them that way. Also I did the de-carboning procedure a couple weeks back and I did not see any markings on the piston head. Is that normal or is it an indication that it had been bored. One more question and I know it has been discussed but is the paint that I just bought from a local cub dealer going to match? The numbers are: Yellow 759-3258 and White 759-3259 of Cub Cadet manufacture. The paint decal page did not jive with these. Well I got my money's worth for # 999. Time for a few of those 12 oz. tools that Harry talks about. Thanks <P>

Harry Bursell - 09:14pm Jul 31, 1998 EST (#1001 of 1044)

Woodbury, CT <BR>

What's the story here. I got home from the ball game and the Forum no. shows 999 of 1000 but I can't get 1000 to come up. Is my message really 1000 or did Bob shut it off somehow? Harry <P>

Tom Hoffman - 09:20pm Jul 31, 1998 EST (#1002 of 1044)<BR>

HARRY, What makes me think that you are just sittin' there waitin' for the ticker to roll over? Hey by the way did you bid on the Catet ad on ebay? Thanks for the advise on the spindle thing, I think I'll try the double roll pin.

KEN, What is the approx. price on a new spindle and cap?


(I bet Necker's keeping the "Tee" shirt for himself!!) <P>

Bob Necker - 09:30pm Jul 31, 1998 EST (#1003 of 1044)<BR>

Harry - It looks like you are the lucky 1000.

Here's the story, I checked the forum before leaving work and it was #999. I just couldn't resist a smart ass entry. When I got home Brenda looked at it and said it wasn't cool so I deleted it.

Hats off to Harry and a Tee shirt will be going his way when they are ready."

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