Several Midwest shows this weekend...

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Mar 31, 2012
David Schwandt
In my area...
Thinking about checking them both out on Sat
Not that far apart

Atkinson, IL Sat & Sun smaller show, mostly GT's
Mile stick 27 off I-80
19030 E 2120th street (north side of town)

Geneseo, IL engine and working farm show
Mile stick 6 off I-88 Ill rte. 92 east, follow signs.
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Nov 12, 2001
Dennis Frisk
My Tractor Show buddy and I went to the Geneseo show 6-7 years ago. REALLY nice grounds. It's actually a working show, there's corn to pick and soybeans to combine, then everybody plows some. My Cousin was actually one of the founding members of that club. But my Cousin lives about a mile out of Atkinson so He's probably going to that show instead. Last I knew he had a BIG hydro Cub Cadet, 14-16 hp.

My Sister & I both graduated HS in Geneseo, both went all 12 years there. As you come into town from the west on US Rt 6, and cross the bridge over the creek, the big buildings on the right (south) side of the road is SPRINGFIELD ARMS. i graduated with one of the brothers that owns/runs it, my wife graduated with the other brother.
And Geneseo is the smallest town I know of that has THREE big seed corn companies.

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