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Daniel Wiser

New member
Sep 8, 2021
Newville Pennsylvania
I'm thinking really hard about building one of these to put on my 127. Has anyone else used the payloader on a cub instead of the regular loader? I think it would be easier for me to deal with as I'm paraplegic and it would be smaller and lighter if I ever needed to remove it for some reason. Im going to be doing the spindle upgrade and front axle upgrade if it proves a problem. V61 front tires and loaded duals in the rear. I've read the turf tires with chains do best in snow so that will likely be the primary use but it will move dirt and stone and mulch too as needed. I hope I don't upset any purists but I'm going to probably get a second set of fenders/footboards to widen these for the duals and do a custom seat so I can sit on one side instead of fighting my leg around and over the hump. It's going to be a project but I like projects. Hopefully I can be thrifty enough to keep the cost down. Any tips or advise would be welcome. Thanks for having me as part of the site.

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