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Parting out Model 70

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John DeBree

Well-known member
Jul 5, 2020
Travelers Rest, South Carolina
I've decided not to build a second Model 70, so I'm going to part out most of what I have. It's completely torn apart, and in need of cleaning/painting/restoration. The ring and pinion in the differential are pitted, so are probably not usable. The rest of the transmission gears are in excellent condition. I have a K161, not stuck, but condition unknown. The steering tower I have is the wrong one for a 70/100, rather is from a later narrow frame. Some parts are missing, so it's best to ask what I do have. Shipping on the big/heavy stuff would likely be more than it's worth. I'll sell it all for $100. If I start parting, I'll sell stuff pretty cheap rather than hauling it to the dump. I'm located in upstate South Carolina, near Greenville, SC.

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