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Aug 10, 2020
Ontario Canada
I'am new to your site and just are tired Ih farmer from Ontario Canada. I was given 1320 from a farmer who took it to the dump he said he had a 109 at home , the gears in my head started turning. The 109 witch had no engine clutch or drive shaft. Since have found k321and had it rebuilt. First flywheel could not drive the driveshaft , no pin for drive cup. second one broken at keyway, third one has four drive holes, so am making special drive witch will be same distance . Bought three more chassis ,1250, 1365 and 1465 , I guess I'm hooked. got parts coming from C.C. Specialties they are in Chicago probably trapped by a riot or are they catching a plane to Montreal Canada. I will send pics. when I figure out how, still trying to connect to the barbwire fence. bye for now and keep your stick on the ice.

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