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Jul 13, 2021
Thousand Oaks CA
Hi all I was wondering what brand of tires came on the original cub 1962. I have Good years all around.
I got the 7hp running last weekend after finding a magneto on line a US part from Bolen tractor parts, cleaned and sealed the fuel tank, cleaned the carb and fuel strainer and it fired up pretty easily.


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Nov 12, 2001
Dennis Frisk
The most common tires were turf tires, and every Cub Cadet I've seen was Good Year brand. There were other brands, I had a 129 with B.F. Goodrich Silvertown turf tires that were not original to the tractor, they were 23-10.50x12's, original tires were 23-8.50x12's. The BFG's were weathered very bad, and eventually split down the center of the outside surface of the tire. Firestone also supplied a traction tire which looked a lot like their Town & Country snow tire that was an option.
Two of my three Cub Cadet tractors have FIRESTONE 23 degree lugged tires, like is most often seen on full size farm tractors. Many people ask if a lugged tire hurts the turf, and the answer is a turf tire slips and damages turf WAY worse than my lugged tires, they hardly ever slip. My Zero-turn has some off-brand turf tire and it slips and spins and tears up the grass pretty bad some places. The good news is with only 235 hours on them they are worn pretty bad from all the slipping, they're an odd size, 24-12.00x12, I'm tempted to put 26-12.00x12 Firestone 23 degree tires like I have on my 982 on it.

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