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Parts For Sale NOS K321A for sale set up for S/G tractor, but...?

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Sep 14, 2002
Jim Koenig Halfway between Harvester, MO and Cadet, MO
I have decided to let my find of the year go. The reality is that I drive a 782, and the 14 does not fit into my plans except to fund my dirt moving urge. Steve, and John have given me the itch to move forward with some ground-engaging equipment. The sale of this engine should help a great deal with that.

New Old Stock K321A starter generator motor
Spec 60226
Has a cap over the fuel inlet that looks to have never been disturbed.
Spark plug does have some combustion evidence, but it may have come from another engine. The metal visible when plug is removed shows no sign of carbon, plus the fuel inlet still has the cap, carb air horn looks pristine, and muffler looks spotless.

Here is a reminder of some of the new genuine Kohler items you will get with purchase of this NEW engine without any trips to the machine shop:
New starter/PTO basket pulley
New muffler
New carburetor
New rod
New piston
New crankshaft
New standard block with no overbores

Asking $2200.
I’m in St. Louis, Mo.

Items I am looking for to act as partial trade: Gannon Earthcavator, tiller, Cat 0 hitch for a 782, Cat 0 post hole digger.


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