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New "Old IH Cub Cadet" owner

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Aug 30, 2021
Central Texas
Hi there. I've recently picked up a 1210 Hydro, and a 1000 in some "horse trading", and I'm looking at getting them
working again. They have the Kohler M12 & M10 engines respectively, and look to be from around the 1980's.
I'll be posting them in the registry, and hopefully some of you can tell me for sure.
As for me, I live in central Texas about an hour's drive from Austin, and I'm a journeyman machinist.
I live on a small 20 acre farm, and also have antique tractors. There's a smattering of all makes, including a Russian built one, but there's also a Farmall H and Farmall M in my barn. I also have a small but capable machine shop on the farm, where I'm known to be tinkering on all matter of things.
I look forward to hearing from all of you. I'm happy to share what I know that would be useful. And, I'm also eager to hear your wisdom concerning the ins and outs around these garden tractors.
As for these particular garden tractors, they sorta run, but I'm looking at two engine rebuilds along with lots of electrical gremlins, thanks to previous owners.

A couple of questions.... Where do I post technical related questions? And, I'm looking for a few parts to complete a 44" inch mower deck that came with these tractors. Where can I post what I am looking for?


Robert Allison

IHCC Supporter
Mar 26, 2021
LaPorte IN 46350
If you hit the forum button and scroll you will see the various forums titled for your different questions and parts. Also at the top of the page are excellent businesses who deal with the parts you may be looking for. CC Specialties is a good place to start.