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Jul 13, 2020
Elkland, PA
I'm fairly new to Cub Cadets. I just bought a larger property in northern PA and needed a tractor to maintain it. After being totally underwhelmed with the modern offerings from most manufacturers, I went with a vintage Cub-actually a pair of them. I first purchased my 1811 this May, and my 1711 in June. They both needed some basic TLC due to age and partial neglect. The 1811 has always been garage kept and has 1911 hours. The 1711's hour meter reads over 7k hours, so most probably the key was left on. The 1811 has the original M18 Kohler, while the 1711 has been re-powered with a M20 Kohler. I strictly use the 1811 to mow, and the 1711 as a plow unit/general workhorse.

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