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Oct 28, 2019
Evening, everyone! I figured I would post about some of my other tractors, which mainly are Wheel Horses. I do also have a Sears GT 19.9 but I don't have pictures currently.

I will start by saying that I grew up around my Dad's Wheel Horse C-141, as well as my grandfathers CC 149 and his many other IHCC's, so I like and respect them both. In addition to the cranking and vibration issues my 1650 has, it also has some electrical issues. The last time I used it (October 2018), it died randomly in the middle of mowing and wouldn't crank. I hot wired it and limped it back to the house with it running poorly, but I still had mowing to do and it was nearing dark. I dug out my dad's C-141 which hadn't been ran in at least 7 years, slapped on a spare carb I had purchased for my 1650, had it running in 15 minutes and finished mowing before sunset.

For whatever reason, that sparked my interest in the WH GT-14 that I had been given by my grandfather. It had been sitting untouched for 4+ years at my place. While it is rough, I got it running and moving around. I didn't have a deck or any attachments for it, so I just used it as a tractor to move trailers and such around. Soon after starting work on the GT-14, I started searching through craigslist for other WH's and discovered a guy who was selling a C-120 and a C-160. They were a ways from me, but I was making a trip to my mothers for thanksgiving and would be passing right by them. I decided I liked the C-120 and a buddy of mine was looking for a good tractor and wanted the C-160, so I picked them up. The C-120 became my go-to mower (with its sad Tecumseh, which quickly got replaced with a K321 I built) and the 1650 was put on the back burner. In late June, I came across a guy selling a WH tiller on FB marketplace. I went to look at it and wound up buying both the tiller and the C-160 it was attached to. He had bought the tractor for just the air cleaner assembly, as his other WH was missing it.

I am currently in search of a deck for the C-160 so that I don't have to swap between the C-120 and it. I wouldn't mind finding a front end loader for the GT-14 either! I have recently become motivated to work on the 1650 and it will be the priority over the winter.

Here are a few pictures! First one being my C-120 on its first drive with its newly built K321, my GT-14 and both my C-160 and 120 and a recent tractor show.


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