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Dec 8, 2020
New York
yeah, hit and miss engines are no joke when it comes to weight. We've loaded them and unloaded them from pickup truck beds, with the front end loader on a tractor! If you put them on some wheel they usually roll alright.

As for boat motors, I've never really had all that much interest in them, especially since I have no boat to mount them on and no body of water to test them in either! I've always been a 4-stroke guy, most old boat motors are 2 stroke, not really my thing. This Maytag is basically the only exception...


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Jul 29, 2016
Burbank, CA & also Josephine county, OR.
Jim Lord
I assume you would mean that fuel adjustment? Its not missing, in the photos I took it was in the closed position so you can't see the point on top. It is there.

What I think I'm missing is the proper grounding tab to shut the engine off, the only way to shut it off is ground it with a screwdriver or close the fuel mixture (which is why it was closed in the photos).

Heres an online pic, you can see the grounding tab in front of the spark plug, as well as the rod running back that you would pull. Definitely something I want to find for the engine, or worst case custom make one for it.View attachment 145659
Looks to me like a scrap piece of 3/4 inch wide metal banding strap would do quite nicely.
Look around any place that sells lumber or ask somebody that works there for some.
I always keep lengths of various widths rolled up in my inventory. Can be handy stuff in the hands of a creative person!

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