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Hello from an 1863 that wants to be an 1864

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Dale Olson

New member
Jan 28, 2023
River Falls, WI
Hi there,

My name is Dale and I have had my 1863 since 1998. It has an interesting history, it was bought new in 1994 by Toro as a "competitor evaluation" unit and Toro once a year tries to sell these units off when they are done with them. If they don't sell, back in the warehouse they go. I got mine from a dealer after Toro had it for a few years. I did find some evidence of the tractor having been dug into after I had it home. It came with the 48" mower deck and I picked up a snow blower as well. It has been a good unit overall, I did have to replace a head when I dropped a valve when the cooling fins got plugged with grass clippings and I didn't catch it. When I got a zero-turn mower the Cub became a dedicated snow machine with a cab. No more swapping attachments, YEA!

However, due to physical issues, I would like to convert it to power steering. Based on what I have researched, because I have a power lift, it shouldn't be too difficult to do, as I am pretty handy.

Is there a complete parts list or parts source that anyone would like to recommend?

Thanks much, looking forward to being a part of this community.


Well-known member
IHCC Supporter
Jul 24, 2022
the High Plains of Kansas
Chris “CӞ” Claussen