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New member
Nov 30, 2002
Mike Bleznyk
Have several 14hp Kohler engines for sale. Prices range from $300. - $1,500. depending on condition. Very low hours on some of them. I also have a NOS 14hp short block. Have mower decks, 38, 48 and 44s. Have some good 44 shells starting at $200. Complete decks prices vary depending on size and condition. Have a IH Windbreaker Cab. Top, sides and back are metal with a glass windshield and vinyl doors. Dealer told me that these new cost almost what a cub did back then ? Asking $1,000. Excellent condition, was on a wide frame. If you need something I may have it. I restored these cubs for 35 years as a hobby. I have a lot of parts, to many to list here. Call 518/423-3199 if your interested in anything.

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