Cub Cadet GT2554 Belt/Deck Issues

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Apr 16, 2020
NE Ohio

I am having some issues with my older GT2554 (14A-2A7K010) . I bought this mower from the people we bough our house from and have been using it for less than a year. Last summer, I had some minor issues but was able to sort them out. Over the winter, I took the deck off and did some sanding and painting on rusty spots as it was not well maintained. My father in law also sharpened the blades. They are battered and need replaced but money is tight at the moment so they'll work.

Fast forward to now, and the grass is getting long. I went to put the deck back on and thought I had everything situated. Let the mower run for a bit and pulled the PTO just to test. A burning rubber smell and white smoke came from the deck. Shut it down and pulled the deck off. I re-did the belts (may have had it on wrong) and tried again. I only put on one of the pulley covers (the one for the belt tension rod). This time, no smoke no smell. Thought everything was good. After about 30 seconds, the tractor sounded like an helicopter about to take off. Sounded like the RPMs on something were going through the roof (can't really explain it). I looked at the right side pulley (uncovered), and noticed the belt had popped off. I shut it down.

So, I am trying to pinpoint the issue. Is it a simple belt replacement or is something more wrong? I am trying to work from cheapest possible solution up, like I said money is tight. I don't know much about tractors but am learning as I go. Looking for any other ideas or something I might be missing.


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