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Cub 1440 solved issues

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New member
Aug 20, 2019
Mark Logan
Bought a Cub 1440 a few weeks ago to restore. have restored dozens of tractors over the last 30 yrs..Did a Cyclops 2 yrs ago and fell in love with the series. I think those 5 yrs these were in production were the pinnacle of the Cubs. They took the best of everything they created over the years and put it all together. I'll be more specific if anyone would like to know. Anyhow,,this one had a host of electrical problems. But it did come with a Vanguard....Two things associated with the engine. It wasn't charging and it took 5-10 seconds to shut down. This tractor had the usual problem that someone decided the best way to do away with the Safety switches was just to cut them out and twist the wires together. The problem with that is,,,they never look at a diagram to see what switch should be open or closed for Normal operation.. OK. parts on order for that..The next problem.. When the ignition was turned off, the engine would change tone but not shut down for 5-10 seconds. Hmm pretty simple Mag system,,,turning the switch off doesn't create an open in the circuit it created a ground to ground out the coils so the spark isn't produced.. One of the few times creating a short is a good thing. So I removed the "P" lead wire from the right side of the cowl. Took a jumper while it was running and ran it to ground,,No normal shut down..So it was not in the chassis wiring,,it was an engine problem. I suspected the system was tring to work because of the instant change in sound when switched off . So I took the plug wire off the left bank,,started it then turned the key off..It shut down immediately. Operation normal. Tore the cowl off to get to the Mags and here is what I found. Note; Guys I present this to maybe help someone in the future expedite their troubleshooting . https://youtu.be/Hi4lKicxk3I


Well-known member
Aug 13, 2002
Kevin Lindstedt
I have this very problem on my mother-in-law's Cub Cadet 2100-series tractor (don't recall the model). Thanks for the tip, I'll see if this is the problem.


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