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Compound Bows....anybody own/use a Parker?

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Well-known member
Jun 25, 2004
Bill Cook
Last year I got into bow hunting...so I'm a total rookie at it. Im right handed, but because of being left eye dominate, I shoot WAY better left handed

I ended up with free, and pretty old, LH Bear 'Whitetail Hunter'. A bow hunting nut buddy of mine, updated it some, and got me started out. I got pretty darn good with it, putting 5 arrows in a 9" circle from 15-20-25-30 yards out, but that old bow is big/tall, heavy, slow, etc......

So now I'm wanting to get modern. This past Sunday I was at my favorite -small/mom and pop- outfitter shop buying some new fishing gear, and got to talking about compound bows.

They sell Parker bows there, and there was a LH Parker 'Blazer' that belongs to the owners dad, so we went into their indoor bow range, and I shot it 3 times from 30yds...all 3 arrows were in the circle. I was impressed for just picking that bow up! Plus, after we taked some more, I found out I can get that Parker Blazer in a 'ready to hunt' package for a little over $400, with a Lifetime Warranty! Which is nice since I can't justify/afford $1000+ for a bow!

I'm leaning --really-- hard at getting the Blazer...it felt nice, and I'm still impressed that I just picked it up, and put 3 arrows in the circle

Here is the specs on the Blazer model: http://parkerbows.com/pb/2007/compounds.html?action=detail&detailsku=1090

So I was wondering if anyone else shoots a Parker, if so, how do you like it?


Well-known member
Feb 17, 2006
bobby l. bowman
I've have been out of compound archery for a while;went traditional...but I still shoot compounds from time to time for fun and most of my bowhunting buddies shoot 'em. The best piece of advice I can offer you is save your money and buy a Mathews. Best compound currently made,and it holds its re-sale value really well. I've owned three of them over the years,and they were all light,smooth,quiet,and accurate. Nothing wrong with a Parker,but test drive a Mathews before you buy.
Good luck!
Bobby B.