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coil question and introduction

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gary noblit

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Jul 22, 2020
"Well I'll be a monkey's uncle!" (another phrase I have heard all my life)
Learn something new all the time.

Speaking of learning something new, anyone know how to check a condenser? I thought I had that info somewhere, but since I am a senior (somewhat), I can't find it.
Can a condenser go bad gradually? or is it like a light bulb, when it goes, it goes.
Can you help us out on this David?
I can pass on what I learned to do. With multi-meter in continuity mode touch pos. to wire on condenser while holding neg. to body(not in your hand or on metal surface) The meter should show climbing numbers quickly then stop.To discharge condenser simply reverse pos/neg...I've had this work many times and fail many times. Because I collect "old stuff" I spend $8. for a new condenser to put on to begin with..Old Chevy cond. work on almost anything.Not a scientific answer but it works for me ,quite well...To me it's the cheapest way to know ....

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