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Can someone explain the logic try to use the Manual link listed here. Want to see stuff on the 169

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Dec 8, 2019
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Jul 22, 2007
Harry Bursell
Oh Boy, my headache finally cleared up.

Kraig - my only comment to your info on the grills is that the 1x8/9 series never had the lower aluminum grill housing. It was always cast iron. The lower aluminum grill housing first showed up mid-production of the Quiet Line series. It's actually surprising IH did it since it removes enough weight that a gear drive Quiet Line will pop wheelies (been there, done that).

As a final comment, I certainly appreciate all the accolades bestowed on me for my Cub Cadet Series Description. I did write it for the benefit of the many to provide an understanding, especially to the "lingo" often used on this Forum. It was an honor to have Kraig post it with it's own thread. However, it should also be known that I am by no means an overall expert with these machines. Although I've owned and worked many multiples of most models (especially wide frames), I must add I've never owned a 7hp model (yup, never owned an Original), I have owned several model 86's (which is a nice tractor with a 38" deck) but never owned a model 800, and I've never owned anything from the 82 series. So there's my story and I'm sticking to it, and why I don't often comment on the 7hp machines or the 82 series, and why there are so many guys on here much more knowledgeable than me.

Now, lets have some fun talking about these machines. :beer:


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Aug 4, 2006
Kraig McConaughey
Thanks Hydro! I'm not that familiar with the wide frame 1x8/9, the Quiet Line or the 82 series. I couldn't remember if it was during the 1x8/9 series or the Quiet Line series that the grill casting was changed from cast iron to aluminum.