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Brought home a 129 today

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Feb 17, 2009
Rick Engasser
This tractor was for sale locally, and had some interesting history. It had stainless steel foot plates, and it turned out my son had refurbished it 25 years ago when he was in high school and then sold it. It is still in great shape. He was pretty pleased to see it again! His son is driving it around, it needs to have the timing checked and some carburetor tuning. I was an IH Service Rep when these were new and always felt the 129 and 149 were rock solid models. This one is a later version with the Pto brake.



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Oct 2, 2013
Northern NEW YORK
Tony Hoffman
Very nice when things come full circle. Not Cub related but a full circle story. A few years back I went to Florida to visit my folks. Dad, my uncle and I escaped the wives to an aviation museum. Passed a section of engined on motor stands. Uncle Dick saw one off in the distance and said that was the same type of engine he used in the navy as a trainer. He was a mechanic. He laughed at how he can't remember his phone number but knew the deal number of the engine he taught on. He recited it as we walked up to the engine. Yup, it was THE engine he used in his class. Funny how a chunk of machinery can bring tears to a man's eyes.