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Am I a sinner?

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Mar 21, 2010
Kingston WA
Thom Ritter
Been mowing with this family heirloom 1450 for about 15 years, got it from wife’s uncle. He was an IH and CC dealer back in the ‘70s. When he sold the business he kept a Scout and this 1450. So she’s starting to feel her age, I don’t want to wear her out.
Been wanting a zero turn. Was looking at CC’s, my dealer also sells Hustler mowers. Sales gal told me they invented the ZT mower.
So I bought one. Hustler Raptor 48” with the flip-up deck. That’s what sold me on this model, the deck flips up to 90 degrees so you can work on blades and clean underneath without having to lay on the floor. Being a lifetime mechanic, I’m all about easier routine maintenance.
Anybody else out there have one of these? Sure seems well built and stout. Wanted a Kawasaki motor, but it has Kohler V-twin, guess that’s fine.


Well-known member
May 15, 2009
Porter F. Odenbach
I had some commercial mowers as of last year. Wright Stander, Exmark turf tracer, and Commercial Honda push mowers. You’ll be amazed how it will dance circles around what you’ve been used to


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Nov 12, 2001
Dennis Frisk
I've still got the Cub Cadet 70 Dad traded a '63 Original for in 1965, the #70 mowed two large farm yards every week for 9 years, then just one yard for the next 30 years. The 7 hp engine in the 70 was rebuilt every 2-3 years then replaced with an 8 hp. It's now got a 10 hp in it. My #72 I bought in 1981, was my #1 mowing tractor and first thing out of the shop if work was going to be done. The 10 hp in the 70 spent 20 years and 1400 hours mowing, snow blowing, blading, moldboard plowing, etc. I've even pulled trees over while cutting them down with the chainsaw with them.
I don't think you have to worry about wearing your 1450 out. Maybe if you were 16-18 years old. With Charlie around I think parts are easier to find NOW for Cub Cadets than they were 30 years ago.
Far as a new Zero-turn, I bought a Cub Cadet LZ-54 TANK commercial mower 5 years ago in April. It has 175 hours on it. My total maintenance so far has been 5 oil&filter changes, greased 11 zerks every 25 hours, replaced the outer air filter element, and last oil change I removed and blew out any accumulated grass from the engine, there was very very little grass on the engine. And I sharpened the mower blades for the first time this spring with the oil change. It starts, it runs, it mows in 2-1/2 hours what my 982 & 50C deck used to take 4 hours to do, plus it does a much nicer mowing job. I don't have the feeling of a ticking time bomb about ready to explode when the 27 hp Kawasaki motor runs in the Tank like I did when the B48G Onan in the 982 was running.
Only other brand of zero turn I'd even consider is a SCAG, or a BAD BOYZ. SON is a quality engineer at SKAG, if it breaks I know who to bitch to, and I REALLY want to "Mow with an ATTITUDE" Mallory is SO HOT!