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almost done

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gary noblit

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Jul 22, 2020
THE "CORRECT POLICE" should not look at the pics .I've known about this 122 for over 30 yrs and it sat in a shed.The owner wouldn't part with anything made of metal.(really) He passed a couple of yrs ago and in a conversation with his son I asked about the cub. Before you know it I owned it. Mechanically it was quite good the worst was things hadn't moved in a long time, a whole lot of elbow grease and it was running great.The repaint was the same thought;a huge amount of sanding discs to clean up before trying to recreate the original colors.Even then I may have fudged a little(I like contrast) This explains some black parts. It came without headlights(optional) Having acquired a snowblower since it just seemed like a good idea to add them. They are led and very bright and because I'm that kind of a guy I mounted them in a nice piece of 1" walnut.The tires show a little paint ,that's because It is my intent to replace them so no concern over taping them perfectly. The seat is the original rubber one.The machine is a 1966. Oh yea, the pto shaft works but of course in the wrong direction. Sooo... this forum has helped me understand this machine so much better..It is also leading me down a path: I looked at 2 more today....


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