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Feb 11, 2003
Joe Ritter
I needed to replace the starter(bad bendix).Found out the easiest way was to take out the kt17. When lifting it out oil was running from the back of the engine. Pulled the flywheel(after much tin removal)and found the rear seal popped out of the block. One more thing to do. You never know what you are getting into.Have to check out the breather now too. I might as well check the front seal while I have it out. At least I have other cubs to fall back on. I have a 169,1450,3 1650, and the 682. 3 44a mower decks,2 50a mower deck,2 QA42A snowblowers, 2 42in snow blades,and a 50 inch blade. They do keep me busy now that I am retired