2018 Club Cadet XT2 46”

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Zachary Thornton

New member
Aug 3, 2021
So yesterday I cranked up my mower and drove about 150 yards. I had just put new fuel in it the day before. When I got to the fire pile I stopped end cut off the mower to unload. When I got back on it I cranked it and it ran fine then it started spitting and sputtering and shooting white smoke out the exhaust then it quit running. After that when I would try to turn it over it would turn over a couple of times, throw some smoke and cut off. I figured bad gas or the weather must have got water in it somehow because I left it out the night before instead of putting it in the shelter like normal. So I drained the oil and fuel changed the oil filter and fuel filter, changed the spark plugs and changed the air filter. Put new oil in in and non ethanol gas. It cranked up just fine and runs strong. But when I engage the mower it sputters and chokes out, almost dies, and then runs okay once it gets momentum. The deck has nowhere near full power, you have to mow super slow or it binds up and shuts off. Any ideas?


Aug 21, 2017
David Ropte
Fuel injected or carb?
Sounds like it has crap in the carb.

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