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2011 Cub Cadet LTX 1045

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New member
Oct 20, 2019
Baxter, Minnesota
I have a 2011 Cub Cadet LTX 1045 with 160 hours. The independent shop that worked on it recommends we "get rid of it" soon as Cub Cadet has a problem that they know about, but haven't produced a replacement part, so essentially when the part needs replacing, the tractor is toast. The wife picked up the machine from the shop and I haven't talked with the mechanic. I believe he's referring to the case at the bottom of the engine that has worn from the shaft powering the belts. If it's a common problem, is this what he is referring to? Shouldn't a machine last longer than 160 hours?


Nov 30, 2014
Kelvin Shaver
You don't tell which engine is on your Cub Cadet, but I am thinking that your LTX 1040 has the single cylinder Kohler Courage engine on it. If it has some other engine, disregard the rest:

Those engines, especially the early versions, had lots of major problems staying together. First thing I saw was the crankcase would crack on the starter side, just behind the cylinder. Kohler blamed that problem on improper assembly. Then Kohler re-designed their counterweight assembly (Twice) and sometimes the parallel link would lose a bolt and push the counterweight through the crank case. Some of the counterweight bearings would slip out of their bores when they wore some and the engine would develop a knock. A few of them had the pto bearing bore in the case made too small and the engine would freeze up after a hard run. And the valve cover gasket tends to leak. So if your engine smokes on startup, check to see if oil is dripping onto the muffler.

The Kohler Courage TWIN CYLINDER engine was totally different and it shared a lot of parts with the Command engines and in my opinion it is a pretty good engine.

I am telling you all this just for reference. I also see some of those engines come through the shop just for service that seem to have no problems and are just racking up the hours. So it depends on the individual engine.

What I suggest is that if your mower is running o.k. and you like it, Just run it until some major problem develops and then think about replacing it.


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Mar 31, 2012
David Schwandt
This post belongs in the CCC MTD forum for lawn tractors