#2 Cart Specs

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Oct 17, 2015
West by-golly Virginia
George Loughery
Hello, I just bought an Onan 5.0 CCK mounted on an IH #2 cart. Nothing better than that! The problem is the cart tires are dry rotted and I need to take a set of new ones with me. Are these standard axles with a cotter pin or is the axle drilled out like a spindle? I will eventually get IHCC wheels but just need something NOW so that I can pull it up into my 6 x 10 dump trailer for the 1-1/2 hour ride home (not sure how long cart is!). Axle is 3/4"? Standard 4.80x4.00x8.00 tire? What do I take? i have every IHCC manual except for this cart. Is there a specifications manual that will help me with this? Hopefully the weight of the generator doesn't bounce too bad and the cart holds up. Thanks all!
Onan on IH cart.png