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1872 Cub Cadet w/cab & blower

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Oct 6, 2009
Ontario, Canada
Mike Patterson
Pictures to follow when it stops with the monsoon we are having this afternoon!

Kohler Magnum 18, new carb, plugs, wires, air filter, oil filter
Power steering
Front hydraulic ports
Turf tires all around, good condition, not all rotted out, hold air just fine, backs are loaded with washer fluid
Sim cab, modified to have vertical front instead of slant (like 88 series tractors), front wiper, circulation fan inside, LED work lights front of cab, rear clearance lights
450 front mount snow blower, manual chute adjustment
Cab was installed with intention of entire unit being painted red like the larger 88 series tractors and decals to match - so cab is currently the red/black scheme, rest of tractor is still yellow/white. Yellow & white paint is not in bad condition, just showing its age with typical scratches. Grill is not all smashed, has one cracked cross piece at exhaust pipe. Unit originated from Pennsylvania, been stored in garage since the day I owned it. Seat cover is cracked badly, but still okay to use for now but should be replaced. Dash is not cracked either. This is MTD tractor, not an IH built unit in disguise.
Asking price $3,000 US or $3800 Canadian, pick up South Mountain, Ontario Canada


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Oct 6, 2009
Ontario, Canada
Mike Patterson
Pictures finally...
So the tractor comes with turf tires, the Vredestein that are on the front are not included, rear chains included at the above price.
1989 model, 1175 hrs. P.O. of blower enjoyed using black paint on it!?? P.O. of tractor had some crazy idea for the hitch I'd say, I've never pulled anything with it since the hole is too small for any trailers I have. So the hitch needs to be replaced, really not sure what his thoughts were on that one!!


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