1872 / 1512 rear end swap.

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May 16, 2007
Anthony Kiszka
Spent the weekend working on 1512. I have had trouble with drive shafts in that machine your years, I could install new ball bushings, flex joints and a fan and I might get one or two years, I mow and plow snow with the 1512. I was spreading limestone and had right rear differential / frame bolt fall out. Which I thought was odd but it was a lot of vibration. Reinstalled it, went to check the others and the left front was missing, actually broken off. After looking at my options I decided the quickest fix would be to swap rear ends with the 1872 parts tractor I have. This turned out to be quite a project. During dissassembly I found the all four of the front transmission bracket bolts were gone. Likely gone for a lone time as oil and grass had covered that area Used the complete rear end from the 1872 and splined coupler on the hydro pump. Installed the rear diff support brackets from extreme. Driveshaft from 1512 worked but had to get creative to install it as once the rear end and transmissing is installed you can't slide the splined hydro coupler onto the 5/8" driveshaft. Took all four iso mounts out of the engine which allowed to slide the engine forward at least and inch which allowed me to get the drive shaft in. Getting the clutch/brake return spring on was very frustrating should have done it while the rear and trans was out. Planning on dissassembling the 1512 axle and installing the internals in a 1450 cast iron case I have.
1512 rear removed
1872 rear removed
1872 Rear in 1512 with axle brackets
Adding fluid, dipsticks are slightly different beware
Almost back together.