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1650 Tractor & QA42A Blower Missing Parts

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Sep 8, 2019
Gary McFall
Good morning. First time poster here. Very happy to have found this resource!

I recently bought a 1650 w/ mower & blower, finding all kinds of problems and missing parts. The wiring was so cobbled that I had to buy a new harness (thanks Mile LaMar!). Here are a few open issues:

The safety switch was bypassed. The switch is there, but there's nothing to push against it for activation.

The fuse holder on the dash was bypassed (missing the twist in part).

The battery holder & bolts are missing.

The wire inside the choke cable is broken.

The fuel tank pads are missing.

The T bolts for the hood are missing.

The dump valve handle is there, but whatever goes between it & the transmission is missing.

The chute control rod, rod guard, and lift rod on the QA42A snow blower are missing.

Any help in identifying a resource for these parts would be much appreciated!


Well-known member
Mar 31, 2012
David Schwandt
First off, Welcome!
I'd pull up the parts look up for your tractor and become familiar with it.
Check all the exploded views for the location and nomenclature for the parts you are missing and note the part numbers.
Many, if not all of these parts can be found at the venders listed in the boxes at the tops of this page.
These are all common issues with these 40+ year old Cubs, most due to operator abuse and/or neglect and can be repaired w/o too much aggravation if you are mechanically minded.

Note your location in yoiur profile, another member may be close enough to you to at least offer some support and possibly parts assistance.

Good luck!


Well-known member
Nov 6, 2016
Ethan Kincaid
Poke around a cc specialties the link up top.Charlie has 3/4 of the parts your looking for

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