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147 and the mud

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Robert Allison

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IHCC Supporter
Mar 26, 2021
LaPorte IN 46350
So I get my neighbors mail and kinda tend to his place whenever he goes down to Tenn for abit.Yesterday as I'm going to get his mail I decided to take a short cut through his garden. When I come out of the woods into the garden on my147 I immediately sink the tractor almost to the frame,I forgot about all the rain the day before!!! So there I am...stuck in the mud! Bringing the truck over isn't an option,if I get it stuck or it or the tractor go sideways taking out plants I'm screwed. So option#1 is to leave it and come back after everything dries. Awwwww hec no,I ain't babying it! I spent all winter replacing all that was missing,cleaning and painting,and rebuilding the motor! Option# 2 is to get his big John Deere out of the barn and pull it out. Awwww hec no! I'm surrounded by neighbors with John deeres, I ain't gonna let them see me do that! So I throttled her up and tore it up back and forth for about a100ft or better until she came out! The tractor and trailer and myself were covered in was Awsome!!!