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IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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  1. klindstedt

    1st snow challenge 2024

    Bob, how much did you end up getting in LaPorte? We dodged the lake-effect bullet in Chesterton, but still got about 15" over the last few days.
  2. klindstedt

    New Member

    A Road Sprinkler Fitter! What company or companies did you work for? I'm on the alarm/non-waterbased suppression side of the business, but have worked in the past for McDaniel Fire Systems as well as F.E. Moran. Not easy work, hanging sprinkler pipe.
  3. klindstedt

    How much Snow ya got ?

    Here in Northwest Indiana (Chesterton) we got a little over a foot. Wet, heavy stuff. I bought a QA42A from a friend YEARS ago but stored it until this year because we had a gravel driveway. Finally paved the driveway last year. So... I got it out of storage and started working on it a few...
  4. klindstedt

    How much Snow ya got ?

    I'm up in 'da region' so we sometimes get the lake-effect snow to boot. We can get a lot of snow, but down by you, you are more prone to get freezing rain and ice. That's worse, that'll bring down branches and power lines. Fingers crossed that the weather guessers are over-reacting.
  5. klindstedt

    Thought I might share a new Pup picture

    Here's our Bella, a miniature Goldendoodle. First pic in September when we got her, second pic just last week. She is now seven months old.
  6. klindstedt

    Last mowing of the year

    Hey Robert! You're almost a neighbor. Chesterton here. All you guys doing your last mowings... the trees haven't dropped most of their leaves yet. Aren't you mulching or vacuuming or something? Or do you just mow short and let the wind handle the removal, lol.
  7. klindstedt

    A "167"???--Caleb's Grizzly--in search of a perfect plow tractor!

    Here's a pic from Blunier's plow day in 2016
  8. klindstedt

    Trying something new....

    Here are most of them. Sorry for the small size, had to shrink the screen to capture the whole page (and still cut off the top line). I went to the 'wayback machine' and was able to pull up the list.
  9. klindstedt

    Sunrise and Sunset Photos

    Tonight after mowing...
  10. klindstedt

    Sunrise and Sunset Photos

    South shore of Lake Michigan...
  11. klindstedt

    Cub 1440 solved issues

    I have this very problem on my mother-in-law's Cub Cadet 2100-series tractor (don't recall the model). Thanks for the tip, I'll see if this is the problem.
  12. klindstedt

    Dodge Charger Police Package

    Shouldn't be mistaken for a police car anymore!
  13. klindstedt

    Garden 2019

    Trying something different this year with respect to vegetable gardening. I built these raised bed garden boxes and we are trying the 'square foot gardening' (SFG) method of planting. One box is filled with zucchini and yellow squash (slightly overfilled actually) and the other has three kinds...
  14. klindstedt

    Tip of the hat to McMaster - Carr

    I have that saw too! Any fence has got to be better than what is on it now. That is on my list of things to do. Also a hobby-level woodworker. Got a used Shopsmith several years ago, but soon discovered it was not much of a table saw - especially for cutting plywood panels. too small of a...
  15. klindstedt

    WWII Farmall H

    Great video Brian! Using antique equipment like that and your tractor gives one an appreciation for how much more physically demanding farming was 'back in the day'. No tractor cabs - sitting out all day in the heat and humidity, breathing in dust... long days in the field because you are only...
  16. klindstedt

    Archive through May 08, 2019

    Just noticed the front fenders. Every time I look at it I see some new <ahem> 'modification'.
  17. klindstedt

    Sheds and Shops

    Shultzie, we sure have had our share of rain this spring -
  18. klindstedt

    Archive through April 23, 2019

    Off topic Friday post that would normally go in the tool discussion page... Does anyone have experience with the Harbor Freight throatless shear? As I understand it, the Eastwood shear is the same tool, just different color. I know the Beverly shear is the best throatless shear out there...
  19. klindstedt

    Archive through March 12, 2019

    Thad - I bought a Generac about 3 years ago and have no complaints. Admittedly, I've probably only got 25-30 hours on it total. I'm on a well and this generator will run the well and the rest of the house with the exception of the central AC. Now, to keep this on topic, here is my...
  20. klindstedt

    Archive through February 24, 2019

    David - Yikes! That wasn't/won't be easy to get out of there. That is a thick coating of ice, how much did you get?