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IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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  1. R

    Why won't my tractor run??????

    I have had my engine not start in the spring also. a squirt of carb/choke cleaner and it fired right up and I didn't have any other problems.
  2. R

    Generator/Starter ~ Test, Rewind/Replace

    If my memory serves me correctly, you can ground the field post on starter/gen and generator should put out full charge. I don't have my old Cub Cadet to check. Haven't worked with a generator for years.
  3. R

    torque wrench recommendations

    One thing I would like to add is thread lube. It makes a different what you use. When I was a diesel mechanic, CAT, Cummins and Detroit Diesel all had different requirements for head, main and rod bolts. It will make a difference. I understand this is a thread about torque wrenches, just thought...
  4. R

    2084: This is a bad starter, right?

    Also check that you have a good ground connection. Bad grounds have bit me a few times. You can use a test light to check for a poor ground. clip onto Neg post on battery and touch probe to the block, you shouldn't have any or a very dim light. If it's bright, you have a bad ground. Need to...
  5. R

    982 trouble

    I had a 982 closed to 30 years and I never had any problems boiling gas, not saying it can't happen. Air comes in the rear of the engine and blows across fuel line behind shroud, do you have good air flow out the front? I would check coil and condenser. they can definitely cause they problem...
  6. R

    Had to sell my toys

    My wife bought a condo and I had to sell my place so I no longer had a place for my toys. I had 2 acres with a barn. Had an old Cub Cadet that I bought from previous home owner in 84 and then I moved up to the 982 with a 50" deck, sure cut mowing time down. Several years later I bought a JD 430...
  7. R

    No start

    You can take a 12v test light and hook it to the point side of the coil and it should flash when cranking the engine over. If the light stays on, points are not opening, stays off points are not closing. This will only tell you if points are closing or not, but not tell you if they are adjusted...
  8. R

    Cub Super w/ 60" mower

    I have a 982 with a 50" deck, front and rear PTO and CAT0 3 point hitch I am going to sell located in Rockford, IL area.
  9. R

    Kohler K series short blocks

    I spent 36 years as a diesel mechanic and I've never heard of 1 set of pistons rings working with different size pistons, but I've only worked on my own Kohler engines so I am not going to state I know everything about these engines. I do know if gap is to tight you will have problems. Rings for...
  10. R

    LT1040 mower deck.

    Trying to find if Cub Cadet ever made a mower deck that the blades had to be timed. I've been told that LT1040 40" 2 blade deck was that way. I've never heard of it. A friend is looking for a used riding mower was told about it. Thanks, Doug
  11. R

    Kohler engine honing tool-which one?

    Ball hone's will hit all the low spots as in the dark spot about a 1/4" below top of cylinder in picture above. When I was a wrench, we only used ridged hone for finish after cylinders were bored out for the final .001 or .002. Granted it is a lawn mower engine, but the spot that was missed...
  12. R

    'Early' and 'Late' piston rings (K241)

    My manual shows that an "A" suffix indicates special oil pan and under "Lube Oil Capacity" for K241A, K301A, K321A ans K341A all shows an *. All others show the amount of oil in US quarts.
  13. R

    1/2 scale IH 60 Conser till Chisel Plow

    How deep do you think you will be able to run it? Looking very good!
  14. R

    Serial number lookup

    Thank you rrschmitt for the link, that was just what I was looking for. We had heavy wet snow last night and my old Cub had a hard time blowing the wet snow. My neighbor has a 2 year old Cub and blower and it went right through it. Thanks again for the help.
  15. R

    Serial number lookup

    Thank you for the quick replies. How is my serial number broken down, I can understand the "U" part, is it the numbers after the "U" that count? If so, what are the numbers before the "U" used for? Thanks, Doug
  16. R

    Serial number lookup

    I have an old 70's era CubCadet, no model number tags on the hood. I do have a serial number tag on rear of tractor, S/N is 20550038U389761 I have tried to find some kind of S/N lookup on internet, would anyone here know of one or be able to tell me what model number it is? It has a 10HP Kohler...