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IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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  1. rkuik

    Hitch for towing two garden trailers/carts in tandem?

    It was pretty cool the way it attached to the trailers and did not reduce the value of them. I would believe this could be done to almost any set of trailers.
  2. rkuik

    Hitch for towing two garden trailers/carts in tandem?

    Just remember on the outer tube, you will have to remove the internal weld seam or do what he did and cut a grove in the inner tube outer wall for the seam to slide into, or go out and buy the expensive tubing w/the weld seam removed. There are several youtubes out there on both processes for...
  3. rkuik

    Hitch for towing two garden trailers/carts in tandem?

    I know this is the wrong color, but thought he did a good job out of doing it. saw at the Summer toy show in June at Dyersville in 2023. And he made it so there was no welding to the trailers.
  4. rkuik

    Which cub cadet do I have?

    not sure one the 3rd digit on the s/n 543 or 548, either makes it a 1975 Feb to Apr Kid code of 2050055 if I read correctly which is not on my list I have, but would be a 1000 if a 10hp, 1200 if a 12hp as I see it. It has a starter/stator so if correct engine would be a quiet line
  5. rkuik

    Pair of 1450's just got last week.

    Update, got the 78 running and all together. Basically a driver at shows. Steering a little loose as steer box is cracked, will have to swap out some day. Still in its work clothes. I moved the lift lever to the left side, much handier. Runs great
  6. rkuik

    Rolling bearings under NF spindle

    The most noticable use for the thrust bearings is when you have a snowblower on the front. I worked for a Case IH dealer for 40+ years. We had the Case/Ingersoll GT line also. Back in the early 80's, the service rep showed me the trick. We put on a few that asked and most stated worked best...
  7. rkuik

    Monkeying around in Shultzie's garage

    are there any number in the full or half spools for the disc blades? if so, what are they?
  8. rkuik

    Garden Tractor Daze, Portage WI July 6, 7 & 8, 2023

    Getting locked and loaded tonight, gunning for bear, I mean deer. The weather forcast is looking great. come on cubbies, lets over welm the green w/yellow and red. we will be there w/6 for sure Friday and Saturday.
  9. rkuik

    Garden Tractor Daze, Portage WI July 6, 7 & 8, 2023

    Great show coming up this coming Thur/Fri/Sat, dont want to jinx it yet, but as of now, looking for a good weekend. I hope we see you there. 2021 there was sun all 3 days, word has it there was 1000 garden tractors.
  10. rkuik

    Ford garden tractors

    just an update, the man helping the lady sold them all. someone got a DEAL. I should have been on it.
  11. rkuik

    Ford garden tractors

    is there anyone out there collecting LGT145/165's and some other LGT's? We have a recent widow in our area that wants the collection gone, 9 Fords, 1 Jaccobson and I believe 2 Simps. I believe there was 7 decks, 3 mounted snowblowers, 2 front blades, and 2 walk behind Ford S/B. Anyone know of...
  12. rkuik

    Garden Tractor Daze, Portage WI July 6, 7 & 8, 2023

    that is too funny, feature tractors are the horses and green and they have a Cub Cadet in the add where it states waht is going on.
  13. rkuik

    Garden Tractor Daze, Portage WI July 6, 7 & 8, 2023

    Just a reminder, just a month away. Great show in WI.
  14. rkuik

    Parts For Sale Hydraulic cylinders & valve, Kubota LA1065A

    believe sold, just need to pack up. thanks for looking. randy
  15. rkuik

    PTO adjustment t/buckles

    find a LH threaded nut to jam on both sides w/the RH nut, that will help, at least it does for me.
  16. rkuik

    4 hole plate for plow

    Garden Tractor Daze in Portage, WI is July 6, 7 & 8, 2023.
  17. rkuik

    Pincor Gen mount plans

    David, Nice, but we are looking to mount on a IHCC, not for use (maybe here or there) more for show.